current exhibition

"This Side of The Mountain"
dance performance Thursday September 24, 2015 7:30 p.m.
video-preview of the dance.

Current exhibition "Babel" group show.

August 15th - September 25th

more information about the artists and images: David Gista >>
Philipe R. Berthommier >>
Francois Weil >>
Tim Anderson >>
Adrian Leverkuhn >>
Jean-Gilles Badaire >>
Ann Rosen >>
Thomas Masters >>
Michel Saint-Lambert >>

Babel is a group exhibition that began in France, specifically in the Orangerie in Chateau Vendom, spring of 2015
Second Exhibition in Thomas Masters Gallery features a number of artists from Loire Valley, France and some Chicago artists.
The central theme, of Babel refers to the artist role in society as bridge between languages and cultures.