current exhibition

Thomas Masters " This Side Of The Mountain"

November 6th - December 13th

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I am very excited to invite you to the opening night of, "THIS SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN" (part 2: The Painting.)
This new collection of paintings expands the direction of my visual expression and represents a significant departure from my previous work.

The project is a trilogy of events starting part 1: The Dance+Music, September, 2015 followed by part 2: The Painting in November 2015, and concludes with part 3: "The Music + Film" performance in April of 2016.

For those of you who missed THIS SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN (part 1 :The Dance):
We combined original Music by Adrian Leverkuhn and Thomas Masters with Choreography
by Diana Winfree and Tenley Dorrill.

THIS SIDE of the mountain is about what we know of our existence; this side focuses on that
which we have experienced, witnessed, felt and created; what we have found to be true and false;
enduring events, phenomena that are tangible; the human condition.

The entire project is dedicated to the Memory of Michael Weinstein