current exhibition

Richard Grant "Way Of Looking"

August 22nd - September 5th

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In a 1912 preface to his classic 1899 book, Composition, the American artist and influential educator Arthur Wesley Dow observed that life is a combination of spirit and matter focused on the balance and harmony of both. Dow particularly admired Asian brush painting, in which the fewest possible lines and tones capture a powerful organic harmony.
In Way of Looking, his latest exhibition at Thomas Masters Gallery, Chicago artist Richard Grant explores this classic point of view. Grant’s colors, lines and forms offer a perspective on the art of living.
“In art as well as in life,” Grant explains, “balance can be as soothing as it is powerful. Likewise, harmony enables us to be mindful in the moment.” In Grant’s “Idyll,” for example, the artist bids us to be mindful of the beautiful simplicity of our surroundings – portrayed by the suggestion of sun, sand and surf. In “Lithe,” Grant captures a moment of suppleness and fluidity – the perspective of a life well lived.
This visual experiences collected in Richard Grant’s Way of Looking encourage rumination and reflection, thus offering moments of peace in an often-stressful existence.
– Jane Grant Tougas